Policy & Advocacy

Why is Advocacy Important?

The Michigan Public Health Association has led efforts to improve the public's health through advocating for resources and policies to promote a healthy society. In this time of critical public health challenges and continuously shrinking budgets, MPHA is working to ensure the needs of public health are met. MPHA influences policies and sets priorities on a broad set of issues, including:

  • disease control and prevention
  • children's health
  • primary care
  • health disparities and social justice
  • access to care
  • public health infrastructure
  • bioterrorism
  • funding for public health programs
  • environmental health
  • tobacco control
  • public health workforce

MPHA members and staff work with State Legislators and Members of Congress, regulatory agencies and other public health organizations, coalitions and consumers to ensure that public health is a priority in the legislative and policy-making process.

How Can I Influence Policy?

Every citizen can advocate on behalf of public health. Those employed in government should forward messages to their State Legislators and Members of Congress after business hours and use only personal stationary, email addresses, and personal telephone.

These links will help you to contact your state or federal representatives. The state legislature links are maintained by the State of Michigan.  The federal links are maintained by the American Public Health Association (APHA.)  Remember, these representatives are there to serve you.  Let them know how you, the voter, feel about issues.

National Advocacy

To get involved in MPHA’s Policy Committee, please contact the Policy Chair, Bryan O. Buckley

See a brief video on the election's impact on public health put together by Liliana Morrison