• The laboratory section is currently seeking a Section Chair. If you are a member of the section and interested in serving in a leadership position, contact the MPHA President, Dr. Ranelle Brew.

  • Local and State Public Health Laboratories protect our communities by monitoring the environments in which we live, work and play.
  • Services provided by Public Health Laboratories are broad, diverse and based on the needs of the populations they serve.
  • We identify and control emerging infectious diseases and outbreaks.
  • We prevent disease and disability in vulnerable populations by identifying at-risk infants and women.
  • We assure safe food and water.
  • We prepare for and respond to local, state, and national emergencies such as bioterrorism and natural disasters.
  • We stand at the interface of public health programs and the medical care community.
Check out the YouTube clip highlighting the MDCH Bureau of Laboratories