IMPACT Newsletter

IMPACT Newsletter Submission Guidelines

Items of Interest to the IMPACT MPHA Community

  1. Timely public health issues and concerns, relevant to all aspects of the public health milieu (environmental/occupational health, mental health, community nursing, epidemiology, maternal and child health, minority health, oral and vision health, nutrition, laboratory and chronic disease control, and health education)
  2. Accomplishments and contributions of colleagues in public health (noteworthy promotions, new leadership roles, etc), photos of person is also welcomed
  3. Book Reviews and Suggested Readings: include a 3 sentence paragraph including your general critique, its relevance to public health, and genre. Also include title, author(s) names, ISBN, publisher, and upcoming book release date (if applicable)
  4. Learning Collaborative – upcoming trainings, conferences, meetings that will be beneficial for members
  5. Photos of recent public health events

Writing Guidelines

  1. Focus on current public health issues.
  2. Be sure to include a full citation for each reference (title, author/editor, date of publication, city of publication, publishing house, number of pages [for books], inclusive pages [for articles]).
  3. Write about practical and relevant public health issues.
  4. Past issues may be reviewed above for writing style examples.

Please Note

  1. You are required to obtain permission to reprint articles and other material from the original source, prior to IMPACT submission.
  2. IMPACT does not accept articles that have been published previously. However, we are willing to work with authors to adapt material to the interest and needs of readers. When you submit your work, please make it clear whether the article was written specifically for IMPACT or whether you have adapted it from other work you have published elsewhere (in which case, please include a complete citation).
  3. Try not to exceed 200-280 words per article.
  4. MPHA-IMPACT reserves the right to edit any submission for content, style, and length. Articles are used as space becomes available.

Submission Guidelines

Submit your article via e-mail to If you send it by e-mail attachment, format the attachment as .rtf or .doc.