About Us

Michigan Public Health Association
Advocating Public Health since 1919

The Michigan Affiliate for the American Public Health Association since 1921

What is MPHA?

MPHA is an interdisciplinary society of health professionals and other citizens who are concerned about problems and issues affecting public health in Michigan. People from all walks of life share these concerns and are welcomed as members.

What is the purpose of MPHA?

  • To promote public health in Michigan through education and advocacy.
  • To conduct, or sponsor with others, research in public health and allied fields
  • To disseminate information concerning developments in public health

What MPHA can provide for YOU?

  • A forum for public health issues
  • Input on priority issues selected each year by the membership
  • Professional conferences
  • Review of legislation and its impact
  • Career development opportunities
  • Leadership development
  • Recognition and awards
  • Affiliation with the American Public Health Association
  • Peer-reviewed MJPH
  • Camaraderie, collegiality, and fellowship

What YOU can provide MPHA?

  • Help to develop goals and objectives for addressing public health issues through committees, divisions, task forces, or the Board of Directors
  • Develop MPHA policies as a member of the Public Policy and/or Legislation Committees
  • Participate in leadership within your professional group -- MPHA Divisions
  • Serve on MPHA committees such as Awards, Membership, Program, Newsletter, etc.
  • Plan, attend, interact, and assist with MPHA conference and seminars



MPHA is a growing and effective resource, empowering our members and engaging our partners and decision-makers to achieve a healthier Michigan.


To enhance the ability of the association and its members to advocate for, promote and protect the health of the community and environment.

Principles / Values

We believe that the effective principles and practice of public health professional disciplines are central to the health and well-being of Michigan's people and communities.

We believe that all Michigan residents have a right to access clinically and culturally appropriate, timely, and affordable preventive and therapeutic health care.

We believe that diversity within Michigan's populations, among various cultures, and between the professional health disciplines enhances and enriches the public's health.

We believe that inclusion of a variety of viewpoints, partnerships and teamwork involving broad representation of professionals and community members, and multidisciplinary interaction are essential to accomplishing significant improvements in the public's health.

We believe that honest, clear, timely communication at the local, state, and national levels about critical public health issues requires an independent, voluntary association which bridges and transcends the traditional organizational and disciplinary boundaries.

We believe that excellent support for association members at all levels and in diverse disciplines contributes to the public's health by providing an expert workforce that can innovate, develop, and sustain efforts for the future.

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